There are many methods that can be used to detox your body. One solution is detoxification through ingesting herbal tea regularly. A plethora of products is available for you to select from. Now, depending on the area of the body you are choosing, the length of time, and  the level of detoxification you are seeking, ultimately the choice is yours. There are loose-leaf teas and teas that come in tea bags. Do some research to gain insight on what will work best for you. Allow me though to provide some knowledge on some teas you can use to detoxify. Check out these four dynamic detox teas below.

Fun fact: it typically takes anywhere from eight to twelve hours after drinking Detox teas for the process to start working. The more frequent you are in drinking Detox tea the faster the results. 

The first on the list is Speedy Vite Blood Lifeboost Detox and Cleanse Tea. This this particular tea comes in loose-leaf form. The main function of this kind of tea is to rid the body of excess toxins and help it get back to optimal health after the blood is purified. If the purpose of detoxing the blood is to cleanse it from drugs and or alcohol though, depending on the severity of the situation the process can take anywhere from three to ten days. A more dyer condition, however, can take longer to achieve the desired results.  

Blood provides oxygen and nutrients to all the organs, sadly toxins consumed through pollution, unhealthy foods and drinks also accumulate in our blood. These toxins can add to physical exhaustion, stress, and emotional imbalance over time.

According to Speedy Vite, their products “are made with organic, wildcrafted and consciously cultivated ingredients in quality facilities, and tested for foreign materials to make sure you get only the best.” All you would need is two tablespoons of loose tea into 32 ounces of pure boiling water. To look more into this brand, here is a link to their website: Happy detoxing:)

Next on the list is Traditional Medicinals Organic EveryDay Detox: I’ve chosen to discuss the Dandelion; which supports Liver and Kidney function. This tea is made to assist the liver break down fats and flush out the kidneys. Schisandra Berry, lightens the buildup of stress and supports healthy liver function. While both teas detox the Liver, the Dandelion takes it a step further and also cleanses the Kidney as well. Now, you may be asking yourself, this: “with all this detoxing, will I be able to lose any weight, and how much?” And, will I be able to keep the weight off in the long run?

Well, short answer, yes, you could lose weight because of all the flushing and breaking down of fats. Along with everything worth achieving though, you have to put the effort into maintaining the weight that was lost during the detox process results with a healthy diet and regular exercise.

According to First for Women at:  Dandelion root contains diuretic compounds that spur the kidneys to release excess water weight (according to research in The Journal of Complementary Medicine). The payoff: Women who sip the tea can flush up to 5 pounds and 2 belly inches in 48 hours. 

Switch Nutrition had this to say about Schisandra being beneficial for fat loss: Schisandra is used traditionally to treat poor liver function and liver disease. Your liver is a very important organ in the fat-burning process. The liver is responsible for turning fatty acids into ketones which can then be used by your brain and body for fuel. Check out the link below to read more in-depth. 

As an added bonus, here are some more great information on EveryDay Detox with Dandelion and Schisandra Berry. Get your detox on!

As we keep it moving down the line of Teas For Detoxing, Yogi DeTox, and Berry DeTox; a Healthy cleansing formula falls next in line. While they are both gentle detox teas, the berry gives a little more flavor. In its ingredients are Burdock and Dandelion with Hibiscus and the superfruit Açaí Berry, which are cleansing herbs. It' has been said it's  "Sure to leave you feeling revitalized.”

Don’t count out the original DeTox just yet; It has pretty bold claims as well: “Helps bring healthy balance from within” I don’t know about you, but, I wouldn’t mind experiencing both those claims above. This tea can help keep you hydrated

And prevent constipation by expanding your fluid absorption. There are ingredients found here that could assist with digestive health, acting as a natural laxative.

Side note, the time frame for the detox tea to start working its magic is between eight (8) to twelve (12) hours after first consuming. The Yogi DeTox tea is great for releasing extra bloating and has been known to burn fat as you sleep when taken at night. And yes, you would still have to implement healthy food choices in your daily regimen along with keeping your body active to see lasting results.

Here is more information on Berry DeTox Tea. You will be able to find supplement facts, ingredients, reviews, and more! 

As far as for Yogi DeTox, here is a link to Healthline. At is where you will see the commonly asked questions, the answers, and a summary about the questions asked. You will gain more insight into this area if you are also researching and questioning the different teas out there for detoxing. May the detoxing forces be with you;)

And now the last Detox tea I will be discussing is Yogi Soothing Rose Hibiscus Skin DeTox; which supports a healthy glow! It’s been said if you want to keep healthy-looking skin, you must start from within. This is where the Soothing Rose Hibiscus Skin Detox comes in. Hibiscus is a natural source of AHAs. According to mbg lifestyle at of the seven (7) skincare benefits of hibiscus for glowing skin, number two (2) on the list is: It may help slow down collagen degradation. Feel free to read more there.

So tell me this, wouldn’t want healthy, glowing skin all the time? And to achieve glowing, clear resilient “ look at me” skin; you would just have to sip some tea? Count me in! I am a big tea drinker. I have recently added Skin DeTox to my stock and will be reaping those benefits soon as I open the box. As a matter of fact...reaping as we speak, yay! I added it to the cup I’m currently consuming and actually am enjoying the taste, must be the rose pedals my taste buds are picking up. It has enhanced the rest of the flavors in my cup. To expand your knowledge on this “new skin in a box” go here  

It has been commented in reviews that it is great for cystic acne, breakouts, and more!

For your enjoyment here is a fun review on Yogi Rose Hibiscus Skin DeTox:))

Until next time!